UshTak Ushtak

Ushtak Ground Rules

In order to keep our club transparent, all club members must follow these regulations.

Last Update: November-20-2021

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  • 1- To join, you must be referred by one of the club's members.
  • 2- Referring a new member does not give the referrer any advantage over the other members.
  • 3- In order to become a member, a new member must purchase 50 Ushtak from the main Ushtak fund.
  • 4- The registration form collects the following information:
    • - The digital wallet address is used to transfer assets.
    • - Email is used to communicate with members.
    • - The Referral Code
    • - Full Name
  • 5- The monthly subscription is at least 10 euros.
  • 6- The funds collected will be invested in cryptocurrency markets. (Investments include long-, short-, and mid-term investments.)
  • 7- The investment funds will be managed by Bahman Reshadi for the next year following the publication of this document. Any further decisions will be decided by vote after this year.
  • 8- All members are invited to two meetings a year in June and December.
  • 9- A report about the investments will be presented during the meetings. A part of the yearly profit of the fund will be transferred into each member's wallet.
  • 10- If a member does not pay the minimum monthly subscription fee, they will not receive the yearly profit.
  • 11- An investment report will be provided in meetings detailing the general profit and loss of the investment.
  • 12- If any decisions need to be made out of the rules, or if any rules need to be amended, a vote will be conducted in accordance with voting regulations.
  • 13- At the time of publishing this document, each Ushtak is equal to one Euro. Each month, the fund will announce the Ushtak rate publicly.
  • 14- Based on the Ushtak rate, members will receive Ushtak in their wallet equal to their monthly payment.
  • 15- Any member can request credit at any time in Euro, up to 1/3 of their wallet value. Payment and settlement regulations are defined in the credit regulations.
  • 16- The yearly meetings (June and September) are the only occasions for closing the account or withdrawing funds.
  • 17- Any amendments in this document and the following sub-documents can be amended through voting.

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